Earprint™ By Psyx (iOS & Android)


Earprint™ is a method for capturing a person’s hearing profile or “EarPrint” using a sequential set of tests and A/Bs in the person’s environment (think Optometrist).


This is an adaptive, real-time process that reacts to content in the same way as our human hearing system.

The Psyx Earprint profiles represent a processing decision for best possible fit depending on the listener, the music, and the environment. Say goodbye to useless “presets,” and welcome to the best fit.

Each profile is based on the following variables:

  1. How compressed the song is
  1. The era of the song
  1. The playback medium
  1. Background environment contamination
  1. The condition of the listener’s hearing
  1. The listener’s expectations

Psyx EarPrint Color Descriptions

Onyx is one of the “go to” colors for compressed music. Laid back mids and bottom with a super smooth high end make this color suited for smaller systems (docs, soundbars, small screens and smaller surround systems).

Crimson is BIG…period. A very wide front soundstage supports a similarly wide image. Users of larger stereo systems will appreciate the envelopment, medium brightness and percussive, low hangover bottom.

Sapphire is a percussionist’s dream. Smooth high end, fat bass, very neutral mids and an anamorphic image exposes every element on even the most intricate drum arrangement. Sapphire translates well on larger stereos and gives good results on the larger format surround systems.

Ivory is best suited for compressed music for large scale stereo. If you want your compressed music to sound “big” (enhanced bottom end and way wide image), this is the color for you. Ivory may be too wide (depending on the content) for most surround upmixers and surround rendering systems.

Gold is smooooth. Over-compressed, bit-starved music will benefit from the aggressive artifact correction and agile high frequency treatment. Mid treatment is excellent for long term vocal listening and high persistence bass treatment keeps even thin songs fat even on the smaller surround systems.

Emerald is the ultimate “cleaner” for all of your linear music. It’s also a great way to introduce your stereo music to an excellent surround upmixer in your car or home. Wide front stage, even tempered bass, mids, and highs with light de-reverberation make for an audiophile experience with just about any song.