Psy(x) Audio delivers superior technologies, products and services at each critical stage of the ecosystem: Creation, Distribution, and Playback.
The most advanced and reliable psychoacoustic technologies in the world
DJ Silk, Multi-Platinum Producer - Aftermath Records (Dr. Dre, Jayo Felony, E-40, Too Short, Xzibit)
“Every song I’ve ever heard sounds better through Earprint.”
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EarPrint App for iOS/Android

The EarPrint App for iOS & Android is an all-in-one tool for compressed audio for any playback device.  Ison recovers lost dynamics, removes unwanted artifacts, repairs image width, and applies adaptive equalization, based on our proprietary human perceptual model.

S(k)Y Hemispherical Surround

The S(k)Y System is a hemispherical surround platform that delivers a fully immersive experience to any listening environment.  Unlike other “3D” systems, S(k)Y is compatible with ALL legacy content making it the most flexible platform in the world today.

Psy(x) Dialog Control

Psy(x) Dialog Enhance & Remove provide effortless control of dialog information within stereo audio.  With Psy(x) Dialog, the user has the ability to selectively enhance or remove dialog from content, even after it has been compressed.

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